Our History

Since 1924, the Gilbert family of companies has been driven by dedication to our customers and our community. Our first business was an all-night gas station that successfully grew into Gilbert Oil Company. Building on the success of Gilbert Oil in 1924, we opened Gilbert Chevrolet in 1933, which also brought with it our pre-owned vehicle department, as well as the Gilbert Collision Center. These businesses served as our foundation, and allowed us to continue growing and expanding our customer service and satisfaction.

As our family business and reputation expanded further, we also added Gilbert Outdoors in 1950, Gilbert Realty Group was established in 1973, and more recently, one of the newest members of the family, Gilbert Ford was founded in 2013. We continue to remain firmly committed to providing the best customer service to all of our clients. So, no matter if you’re interested in something focused on the great outdoors, or looking to buy or sell a great home, the Gilbert family has it all!